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Welcome! We are CreATe Network. We strive to help people with disabilities get the assistive devices they need, by working with local engineers to design and build to their specific requirements.

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About create...

Through our network, people with disabilities and impairments can connect with engineers who dedicate their time and expertise to design and build life-changing assistive technology

Why create exists

Currently, more than one billion people in the world require at least one assistive technology device. We know it’s not always easy for people in small local communities to access the technology they need, but nearly all communities have enthusiastic hobbyists or professional engineers and designers who would love to help. By focusing on achievable low-tech and low-cost solutions, CreATe Network bypasses the barriers of affordability and limited access to deliver solutions where there’s an immediate need.

How does it work?

It’s very simple! If you have a need for assistive technology, you can request a project by uploading your requirements to the CreATe Network using a simple questionnaire, making sure to include any relevant photos or videos. If you’re an engineer, browse the network until you find a project that works for your interests and skill set. If you think you can design a solution to meet the requirements of the project uploader, why not create a prototype and upload it to our site?

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